Many Reasons Why You May Need an Employment Lawyer

Did you know an employment lawyer can make your career life easier? You may check out this estate planning Austin lawyer who might be able to help you as well. Many hardworking skilled and capable people get abused because they either do not know their rights or because they think accessing justice is long complex and winding, or because they are desperate for employment.


Well, you have to rise and defend your rights because if you let these excuses stand on your way to justice you will soon find yourself in a worse predicament than you are now. Studies show that employers who flaunt employees’ rights are more likely to repeat it over and over. You certainly wouldn’t like your rights to be trampled on all through your career.


Stop the malpractice for yourself and for other vulnerable employees.


The Law


There are numerous state and federal laws that regulate employers and protect employee rights. There are several actions that the state law prohibits your current or prospective employer from exerting on you as an employee.  Generally, the employment law comes to your help right from the point of interview. There are several questions that an employer is barred from asking you for the purpose of consideration for employment. 


Job Interview Fuss


Wait a minute. What was he question again! You need to pay careful attention to questions asked during interviews. While many are proper and well-intended, some of the illegal questions are popped when least expected and are laced with such calm that you easily fail to notice the interviewer infringing on your rights. Look out you for the illegal questions that could discriminate against you.  Act by contacting an employment lawyer whenever they arise.

Some of these questions include

• Have you ever been arrested by the police?

• Are you married?

• Do you drink?

This question is out-rightly illegal and there are no provisos.  Under the law, in the Disabilities Act Of 1990, you are not under obligation to disclose any information about your disability before you are employed. Therefore, if you are an alcoholic under treatment, such information is privileged. Your prospective employer is prohibited from prying.

• What is your religion?

• Do you have children?

• How were you discharged from military service?

• Have you ever used drugs? There is a catch here. Although your interviewer is allowed to ask you whether you are on any illegal drugs currently, they are prohibited from prying into your past drug history. Under the law that is not a legitimate basis to judge your current performance or eligibility for a job.

• How long have you worked?

• Do you have debts?


Sensitize Yourself and Others


In summary, Employment law seeks to safeguard your rights before employment and even during employment. You should be at the forefront in securing employees’ rights. Help protect yourself or fellow employees that may be subjected to illegal employment conditions. You should look out for any questions relating to age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, marital status and other personal life targeted questions. If it happens, and you realize that our responses to these questions led to your losing the chance to be hired, contact an employment lawyer and recover your rights.

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