Pick Up These Tips For Selecting An Estate Planning Attorney

When you are taking care of all your estate planning needs, you not only have to decide if you need an Austin estate planning attorney, but you have to know what you're looking for. You might feel like reaching out to an attorney friend to get your affairs handled pro bono, but it pays to have an attorney experienced in estate planning and in fact an expert in the field. This means the lawyer doesn't spend his or her days in divorce court, handling people's estates on the side. 


There are plenty of estate planning lawyers out there, and it helps to know how long they've been in the business. With all those years of experience, they should be able to shell out some great references. It would also be great if the attorneys you check are certified as specialists concerning estate planning law. The attorney you choose should also malpractice insurance. 


Are you going to get a free consultation with the attorneys you find, and is this consultation over the phone or in person? You want to know what an attorney is going to charge you and how, meaning is a retainer required and when do you have to pay? Everything needs to be in writing, and you need to be happy with the work of the attorney you choose.

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